When it comes to trading, one has a lot of options when it comes to the platform they can use to trade. With all these options comes a big question, Which one is the best. ?

Which is the best trading platform in South Africa. ? That’s the reason you are probably reading this post. Here at Rhodium Investments we will try to break it down for you bear with us through the entire post. 

Trading platforms differ from one another, some are rich in features and some lack those features. The most popular trading platform as of writing on this post is the Metatrader 4 also known as MT4 a Software by a company named metaquotes

No doubt Metatrader 4 is the oldest and most popular trading Software, It’s used almost by 90% traders in the entire world. 

But why Metatrader 4. ? that’s the question now. Below is a list of the top Features of the mt4.

  • Free live data feed
  • Free charting
  • Free historical data
  • Free programming language
  • Free demo unlimited account
  • Lower internet overheads

The list goes on, but are the top features loved by most traders around the world. We have formulated a table for the features below explaining each.

Free live data feedMT4 provides live data from the financial markets to the user, without any fees. Unlike services like services such as Bloomberg
Free chartingMT4 profits provides free charging tools such as Indicators (Moving Averages, Bollinger Bands, MACD etc)
Free historical dataWith MT4 you can scroll back to years of historical data for free, this comes in handy when backtesting strategies.
Free programming languageNo doubt the biggest reason MT4 is loved by a lot of traders, MT4 has its own programming language. You can create your own trading EA and Indicators.
Free unlimited demo accountWith Metaquotes servers you get an unlimited number of demo accounts.
Lower internet overheadsMT4 doesn’t cost a lot of data and internet usage, Once the charts are loaded they stay on your computer hard disk.

For more info on the Metatrader platform please click here


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